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i tripped over a bra today

i think it was a booby trap


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being told to smile in family pictures


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i was gonna say something meaningful #about the way steve looks at bucky like he’s the sun #even though in bucky’s head steve is the sun. steve is the sun & he’s oblivious to his own glow. #he lights up a room & he doesn’t even know it. #he’s a star & bucky would rather reach for him than for freedom or justice or winning the war or going home. #because to him steve embodies all of those things. #if bucky has steve he is free. if bucky has steve steve will do the right thing. #if bucky has steve he can always win. any war. anything. he can always win. #if bucky has steve he is home. #steve rogers is the sun & bucky barnes will always fly too close. #bucky wouldn’t believe it if you told him but steve feels the exact same way about him. #i was going to say all of that. but then i noticed steve’s shaking arm & was reduced to a 12 yr old white boy. #so. looks like he’s jerkin it. #alright

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Sebastian Stan is illegal and somebody should stop him ()

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girls with short hair are hotter than any boy. so thats why boys get upset when girls cut their hair off. case solved


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